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After my last post about Mateo Restaurant and that time I raved about how Mateo even got me in the doors in the first place, I was invited to join Megan Jansen (one of the restaurant’s owners) for the happy hour she hosts with a most amazingly eclectic group of folks on Friday nights.  I showed up just shortly after five, met Megan and her friends, and got to pick her brain a little about Mateo and her background here in Boulder, but she also shared some great information with me about hers and husband Matthew’s other restaurant, Radda Trattoria, which is:

A neighborhood restaurant inspired by the cuisine and culture of Tuscany, Italy.  (according to their website)

Also from their restaurant, another tasty little morsel about who they are and what Radda is:

Radda is the second creation of Chef Matthew Jansen, after the much lauded Mateo Restaurant Provencal that opened in 2001.

The spirit, beauty and hospitality of Tuscany are transported to the very neighborhood that Matthew grew up in. Having participated in the vendemmie [wine harvests], studies and extensive travels, Radda is an experience that is authentically and wonderfully Italian. Upon entering you will be taken away with the passion for Italian food and wine.

After a some time talking about the restaurant, Megan decided to take us to Radda since I’d never experienced it.  “Us” was Megan, myself, @ChristopherDan (part of the brains behind @boulderbars, for whom I’m a reviewer) and @cindykcruz (an amazing woman I want to spend hours upon hours with just hearing stories and begging her to pack me in her suitcase next time she goes to Italy), and we hopped over north of downtown to Radda.

It wasn’t crowded, but the bar – which is positioned in a square in the center – was definitely buzzing.  We pulled up four chairs right next the bar, was introduced to Hillary, the gorgeous bartender, and tried some of Chris’s signature cocktails – the #JustDan.  Megan also insisted we try the pizza, prepared by gorgeous (but married, sorry ladies) chef Theo Adley.  Sensitive to my veggie/pescetarian tastes, Megan ordered us a veggie pizza that was incredible.

As always, my I’m-not-a-culinary-expert-but-by-GOD-do-I-love-food-and-fun-dining disclaimer comes out when I actually talk about the food, but let’s just put it this way – we’d all had a few drinks at happy hour with some yummy apps at Mateo (OH MY GOD THE BRUSSELS SPROUTS*), and by the time we hit up Radda, I was ready for some sustenance.  The pizza?  Did the trick.  The veggies were perfect, the cheese was melty and amazing, and the crust?  OH MY GOD, the crust was amazing.

Thanks to Megan for showing us around, for introducing us to some of the fantastic staff at both Mateo and Radda, and for spending some time with me – Boulder’s new girl – and even further whetting the appetite of this little eater.


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