Almond Coconut-Crusted Sole Filets

First of all, a huge thanks for the feedback, insight, and personal stories shared on yesterday’s post. Re-learning how to eat, what that process means for me vs. other people, and exactly how to make the best food choices – well, this is going to be a journey for sure. So, thank you for weighing in on that!

Moving on, with a quick and easy little recipe (with photos!) I tried tonight.

Jessica, one of my absolute favorite food bloggers ever in the history of food bloggers (which, admittedly is pretty short, right? Still, she’s great) recently posted this recipe for Macaroon Crusted Tilapia Filets. My mouth watered. So, I replicated that recipe tonight. Except, I don’t follow directions well so instead of actually reading the recipe, I just grabbed some fresh sole from the seafood counter, and some shredded coconut and unsalted almonds out of the bulk section of my grocery store, and applied the knowledge gained from having a Southern family and from living in the south for 10 years (AKA I Know How to Bread and Pan-Fry Anything).

Turns out, I wasn’t that far off. And they were amazing.

almond coconut sole filet

For Jessica’s recipe, click here. For my recipe, if you can call it that, here you go:


2 sole filets
1 handful shredded unsweetened coconut
1-2 handfuls unsalted almonds
1 egg
oil for pan-frying
salt to taste


Using a food processor, chop/grind the almonds until fine. Mix in shredded coconut. Dip sole filets in egg, then coat with almond-coconut mixture. Pan-fry in hot oil over medium heat until the outside is brown and the fish flakes easily apart.

Season with salt, pair with veggies (I chose oven-roasted green and yellow zucchini squash).


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