Eat More Whole Foods, Part Three: Favorite Food Blogs

This is part three in a three-part series from guest blogger,Caz. Caz is a Canadian ex-pat currently living abroad in Australia, and she says she’s adopted the idea of whole foods, natural/organic eating – to an extreme. I asked her for some background, tips, and resources for people who want to incorporate more conscious eating into their lifestyles. In part two, she shared tips and a favorite recipe. Today’s the third and final installment, and is her list of amazing resources and food blogs.

Food blogs

101 Cookbooks
Heidi is always surprising me with new ingredients and flavour combinations I would never imagine. She’s my inspiration for trying new grains, beans and soups. The farro salad with buttermilk dressing is a favourite that I completely impressed my entire Aussie in-law extended family with.

Kath Eats Real Food
Kath’s diet and lifestyle balance is probably the one I aspire to most as they eat very little, but very good meat, eat out often, and indulge in great wine and microbrews. She introduced me to kale chips (seriously you HAVE to try them) but I’m still working up the nerve to try sardines. I get the most ideas from here and only wish I had a boyfriend who would eat like her husband does.

Oh She Glows
Angela is a Canadian girl and I love experimenting with her vegan recipes. Her salad and vegan dressing is a favourite and I base my granola bars, and balls off most of her recipes. I don’t have the patience to bake as much as she does though.

Smitten Kitchen
Deb’s recipes have yet to let me down and her eating style is probably closest to mine. I love a warm salad topped with a poached egg, or comforting soup with crusty bread. SK is more a ‘recipe’ blog than a ‘healthy living’ blog but her love of seasonal produce and farmers markets is obvious. The chicken and leeks recipe is time consuming but maybe the best thing I’ve ever eaten and I’ve made the tomato almond pesto pasta at least 5 times so far this summer.

What are your favorite food blogs?


Caz is a 20something blogger, and Canadian currently living in Australia. She blogs at Cherry Blossoms and Vodka.

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