Wanderlust: Where to Eat in Victoria, BC

Today’s guest post is written by Simone. Simone is a freelance writer and author of the sexy and irreverent blog Skinny Dip and lives in Victoria, B.C. She’s a fellow Bloggers in Sin City alum, and we’ve shared a few stories and cocktails together on The Strip. She’s a lovely person, and I’m excited to have her here today on Nomadic Foodie.

In November I moved cross country from Toronto, a bustling Eastern city of 4.5 million people back to Victoria, BC – my sleepy seaside hometown on the West Coast of Canada. One of the things I thought I would miss most about “the big city” are the endless food options available in Toronto. Although I still have my moments where I catch myself saying things like “What do you mean, there’s no 24 hour Ethiopian restaurant here?!”, I’ve realized that there are lots of delicious food options in Victoria. If you’re planning on taking a trip to the island, here are a few places you need to eat:

Red Fish Blue Fish:  This tiny seafood take-out stand is by far one of my favorite places to eat, period. Located on the water’s edge in a transformed freight container, their menu features 100 % ‘Ocean Wise’ environmentally friendly seafood. I’m a big fan of their BBQ Wild BC Salmon “Tacone” – a thin tortilla wrap stuffed with fresh BBQ Wild Salmon, sweet-smoked chili adobe, pea shoots and lemon pickled onions. Last night I enjoyed one of these while dangling my legs off the side of the dock.

The view last night:

victoria bc

I’m also really curious about their Seafood Poutine:

seafood poutine

Eugene’s: It looks like your generic Greek take-out place from the outside, but I’ve been going to this eatery since I was a kid and it’s simply some of the best Greek food you’ll ever eat. A few years ago I spent 17 days in Greece and still wasn’t able to find anything that compared to their moist and buttery spanakopita or perfectly marinated chicken souvlaki.

Hernandez:  When I’m not eating at Hernandez, I’m thinking about eating at Hernandez. This Latin American cantina prides itself on making ‘slow food’ from scratch in a fast-food setting.  Their tortillas are handmade and all the meat they use is locally raised and antibiotic-free.  For $6 you can get 5 tacos – a delicious, wallet friendly meal. Not into tacos? Try their Sirena Platter: Savory slow cooked shredded chicken, beans, rice and salad, served with homemade salsa.

When foodie wanderlust overtakes me (as it always does), I’m looking forward to visiting  The Pink Bicycle – one of Victoria’s most popular gourmet burger joints – so that I can check out their BBQ Island Bison Burger – organically raised Vancouver Island bison with melted smoked cheddar and Pink Bicycle BBQ sauce – which, I will of course order with a side of their Truffle Fries. I’m also looking forward to grabbing an Arepa or two at La Fogata Latina – a hole in the wall eatery that serves Columbian street food, and taking a weekend drive up to the Cowichan Valley to check out their thriving wine and artisan cheese scene.

So, who’s going to join me?!

Simone is a freelance writer and author of the sexy and irreverent blog Skinny Dip. When she’s not writing her heart out or obsessing over food, she loves wandering her city with a large cup of coffee in hand, in search of the next great story. You can visit her blog or follow her on twitter or catch up with her on facebook.


Doniree is based in Portland, Oregon, where she is pretty damn thrilled about the Pacific Northwest's focus on local and seasonal food and great wine. When she's not at home, she's on the hunt for the best brunch, the best happy hour, and the best whiskey bar a city has to offer.

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  2. Hernande'z

    Many thanks for the lovely comments. A point of clarification: our chicken and pork are from Canadian-conventional sources. Apparently no Canadian poultry or pork is permitted to have anti-biotics in the feed, so as long as the source is Canadian, we’re all able to have that. However, the rest of the story on the pork and chicken is at this time, pretty conventional. We found that we couldn’t meet the required price point and still serve organic–so, we settled for “scratch cooked, no microwaves”. Our beef is actually pretty amazing though. It comes from Duncan where the fold of Highland Cattle (a breed able to withstand our climate pretty comfortably thanks to a wooly coat) graze peaceably on grasses in big fields. They also eat spent hops (from local micro-craft breweries), and have access to a salt lick and a selenium supplement (which we all need!). We do visit these cows regularly and we are very proud to feature this wonderful, locally sourced and small scale produced protein at Hernande’z!


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