Taste & Travel Tuesday: Hotel Boulderado | Boulder, Colorado

Opening on New Year’s Eve in 1909, the Hotel Boulderado is one of the oldest business in Boulder, Colorado and was the first luxury hotel in the area.

Today, it boasts 160 rooms, each creatively adorned with a different wallpaper from the next, meaning every time you come here your room can be a completely different experience.

wallpaper at the hotel boulderado

The hotel is almost a living, breathing collection of antiques and Victorian-era and decor, right down to the decor in each room. It’s gorgeous.

furniture at the hotel boulderado

The hallways are full of pieces of a time past, and my favorite part of the hotel was the third floor, which basically doubles as an antique museum. We saw antique fire extinguishers, an old piano, armoires, photos of an older Boulder, an ice box, trunks (because back in the day, families traveled for weeks or months at a time!), and fans.

antiques at the hotel boulderado

Technology in the hotel has grown and changed just like the hotel itself. Entertainment back in the early days was an orchestra in the lobby. No, not a full orchestra, but think back to the movie Titanic with that string trio (or quartet) that played right up until the last minute? That kind of orchestra. The orchestra was eventually replaced by a Victor Victrola, then a television, until eventually there were TVs in every room. Today, each room has a flat screen TV and a wi-fi connection.

The fans were my favorite:

old-fashioned fans

Some History

Spruce Street downtown was the first street in Boulder to be paved because it was the street that led to the Hotel Boulderado. The hotel’s famous guests include (but are sooooo not limited to): Duke Ellington, Robert Frost, Louis Armstrong, Helen Keller (and Anne Sullivan), Goldie Hawn, and BB King.

Additionally, the Boulderado has three adjacent bars, restaurants, and eateries: The Corner Bar, Catacombs and Q’s (you can read more about the menu at Q’s and see gorgeous photos of tasty food here).

I had the pleasure of touring the historic Hotel Boulderado in downtown Boulder last month, and it was easily one of the highlights of my trip. And yes, I’m determined to make the Hotel Boulderado a part of my next Boulder visit.

hotel boulderado collage


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