Street Food Friday (On Wednesday!)

Oops! I definitely visited the food carts last Friday for lunch, but didn’t get to photo-uploading until much later! So, my last week’s Street Food Friday post is today! Almost a week later. Whoops!

Downtown Portland Food Carts: 5th and Stark

We typically hit the food carts on Alder between 10th and 11th (because we live near there), but had some errands to run a bit further into downtown and wanted to walk around a little more anyway. We found our way to the food carts at 5th and Stark, and I had the TOUGHEST time deciding what to get. There’s a creole place that was tempting: Etoufee! Beignets! Jambalaya!

the swamp shack portland food carts

A Czech place with a sense of humor:

czech food carts portland

And some of Oregon’s finest fresh fish… deep fried and served up basket-style with chips. Halibut and fries? Om nom nom, indeed.

oregon coast fish food carts

I went in thinking I wanted tacos. There are three taco stands. Then I found a Cuban cart with plantains. Platanos! I love me some plaintains. But when it came down to it, my pseudo-hangover (from the amazing dinner party the night before) won out and I opted for a big, fat juicy bacon cheeseburger.

food carts burger portland

Yes, it was the right decision.

We took our food down to the waterfront park and enjoyed an impromptu picnic by the river. NOT a bad way to spend a long lunch Friday!


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