Scenes from a Pacific Northwest Weekend

You guys.┬áThe Pacific Northwest. I can’t even. Back in June when I ran my first 10k, Chris and I took the long way home from Port Angeles and explored Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, and MY GOD. It’s SO EFFING GORGEOUS. Here, see for yourself. Oh, yeah. This is a real place. And it’s just a few […]

That One Time I Ran My First 10K

On June 2, I ran my first 10k. I can’t quite go on and on about how I’ve never run that far before, because, well, that’s just not true. I ran 7+ miles during my overnight run when I ran the SoCal Ragnar Relay in April. Even so, finishing this race was a big deal […]

Taking the Long Way Home

Last Sunday, I ran my first 10k. I could write a whole post about that experience (it was awesome, I loved it, and I miss my honeybadgers already), but that’s not what this is. What this is, is the photographic evidence of the [best ever] decision to take the long way home from Port Angeles, […]

Photography | Airfield Estates Winery

Back in February, Chris and I went on a little wine tour of Washington’s Yakima Valley, and one of our stops included the tasting room at Airfield Estates. I was especially excited for this one because Airfield’s Bombshell Red is one of my go-to red wines. It’s affordable, delicious, and when I’m in the mood […]