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Greetings! I come to you today bearing great news of an upcoming event here in Portland. Details are below and anyone in PDX can enter to attend through a Facebook giveaway contest. Enjoy!

What: A Spark of Spring on Friendsday Night will be a gathering featuring food, drinks and live music. The meeting will celebrate Wednesday Friendsday, a mid-week chance for friends to meet up and catch up over drinks.

Who: Enjoy delicious bites from Chef Naomi Pomeroy of Beast, original cocktails from Mixologist Kyle Webster of Expatriate, and bright-hearted songs from Fort Atlantic, all while sipping on some IZZE soda.

Irish Bramble

[photo credit: Chloe Highberger / Little Green Pickle]

Where: Eastside Exchange Rooftop at the Eastside Exchange Building, 123 NE 3rd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97232

When: Wednesday, March 19th at 8pm


Disclosures: I received two cases of IZZE soda in exchange for sharing this event with you, one of which I’m keeping for myself, and the other I’ll be giving away to a blog reader in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!


Doniree is based in Portland, Oregon, where she is pretty damn thrilled about the Pacific Northwest's focus on local and seasonal food and great wine. When she's not at home, she's on the hunt for the best brunch, the best happy hour, and the best whiskey bar a city has to offer.

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